Regeneration and sustainable managment of the tropical forest

Respecting the rainforest calling

Creating decent livelihoods for the people living in the rainforest

The tropical forests mitigate climate change

The cutting down of tropical forests endanger thousands of life forms

The rainforests are degrading themselves or disappearing all around the world, about 30 thousand hectare a year. Meanwhile the consuming society throws to the atmosphere thousands of million tons of gases of greenhouse effect. The rainforests have the capacity to capture the CO2 and convert it in vegetable mass like no other forest ecosystem. Also they generate moisture and displace it beyond the tropics, with which they offer an immeasurable service to the climate stability in the planet and the mitigation of the climate change. For centuries they have also been the home of an enormous variety of species of flora and fauna, as well as of human communities.

The forests do plenty for you and for the life in the planet. You are invited to do something for them, by preserving it and by protecting the well being of its inhabitants.

We inform




We are

An association of citizens around the world that has the main purpose of helping to mitigate the climatic change by means of the use and conservation of rainforest and the preservation of the biodiversity that lives there. 

Program 1

Nosotros reciclamos

Is a Programme aimed to support a cooperative association of Pepenadores located in La Merced, a Mexico City downtown district. This Programme is setting the grounds to transform PET residue into jewelry and decorative items.

We believe

That the staunch conservation of the rainforest is not a viable way of preserving it. Humanity has lived in them for many years and currently there are approximately 200 million people that live in the jungles around the world.

Program 2

Training youth

In Latin America, many families who are land owners where existed or still exists the rainforest, do not know the possibilities of the sustainable management of the ecosystem, which will allow them to modify the habits of carrying out not sustainable agricultural and low efficiency activities.

We hope

To share what we do. We want more than a simply donation as the only tie with our allies and associates, that is why we have different programs and motivation to carry them out: that is why we need associates and colleagues that could be interested by our programs.

Program 3

Direct action

The climate change is also an opportunity to invest in productive sustainable projects, which benefits are distributed equitably between local and foreign associates.

Our Services

solar-compactadorProjet Nauyaca collaborates in information and technology transfer for environmental sustainability and competence development facing climate change challenges. It promotes knowledge exchange networks, and identifies and distributes technological advances form Switzerland and Europe in favor of social organizations, scholar research institutes and environmental sustainability projects in Latin America. It also organizes and disseminates practical environmental solutions found in Latin America which can be interesting for other countries worldwide.

PETiso vista generalThe PETiso project introduces a technology for sorting, compacting and transporting solid waste in small towns.

Bici de cargaBikes cargo for the transport of raw material of the cooperative Nosotros Reciclamos in Mexico.