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We hope

... to share what we know and do. We don t want simply a donation as the only tie with our allies and associates, reason why we also have programs and motivation to carry them out: that is why we need associates and colleagues that could be interested by our programs:

Program 1

Nosotros reciclamos

Is a Programme aimed to support a cooperative association of Pepenadores located in La Merced, a Mexico City downtown district. This Programme is setting the grounds to transform PET residue into jewelry and decorative items.

Program 2

Training youth

In Latin America, many families who are land owners where existed or still exists the rainforest, do not know the possibilities of the sustainable management of the ecosystem, which will allow them to modify the habits of carrying out not sustainable agricultural and low efficiency activities.

Program 3

Direct action

The climate change is also an opportunity to invest in productive sustainable projects, which benefits are distributed equitably between local and foreign associates.