"Harmonization with nature benefits the entire planet"

This project started its activities in January 2016. Its main purpose is to train young farmers to the permaculture approach, achieving sustainable and healthy agriculture, as well as conserving ecosystems and biodiversity in rural areas of Mexico.

The beneficiaries of the project live in places where it is urgent to regenerate ecosystems that have been devastated by conventional agriculture, especially in tropical and subtropical regions, where the cutting of trees, the use of chemical synthesis fertilizers and pesticides wear away the fertility of the soil and destroy flora and fauna.

These are men and women between 18 and 29 who have the support from their families to implement the solutions learned in their own land, such as fertilizing with compost, caring for water, creating conservation areas, producing their own seeds, developing fair trade and sharing with their community.

These young people receive training in agrecultural ranches from experienced farmers, who have managed to harmonize their work with the cycles of the land and have obtained products with a sustained demand in the market. The training comences with technical assistance by specialists and a permanent consultancy through the Internet.

The project seeks the annual expansion of its purposes, for which each young beneficiary also becomes a teacher of what he has learned towards his group of friends and neighbors. In this way, each young person becomes a pollinator of the knowledge learned, and each new cycle of training - of two years on average - increases the number of young beneficiaries and of the peasant families that adopt the approach of sustainable and healthy agriculture for people as well as for the planet.

The active participation of youths with solutions aimed at mitigating climate change and protecting the balance of ecosystems is a strategic measure to meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

The project was launched thanks to the support of the Ville d'Onex, Valais Solidaire, YogaOm and a network of small taxpayers in Switzerland. It is carried out in partnership with the Mexican Association “Agricultura del Bien Común” (Agriculture for the Common Good) of which Project Nauyaca is a founding member.

The places where the projects of each beneficiary are located (updated to 2019) can be identified under this link.

Online training, only in Spanish: projetnauyaca.org/academia