"We transform people, we recycle materials"

In January 2015, Nosotros Reciclamos was launched. It is a project whose purpose is to restore the dignity of the poor people in the center of Mexico City and survive by collecting garbage from the garbage dumps. It is also a workshop for the transformation and recycling of materials recovered from garbage, through an artisanal process low in emissions and creator of sources of employment. In 2017, Nosotros Reciclamos won the CEMEX TEC Social Entrepreneurship Award for the creation of employment for people without a formal job qualification and for their contribution to the recycling of PET plastic.

The project offers technical training to the beneficiaries so that they learn to transform the -PET recovered from garbage into decorative or utilitarian objects, such as jewelry, Christmas decorations, cases, and lamps.

70% of the sale of the products is delivered directly to the beneficiaries and 30% is invested in the project's operation. The product catalog can be viewed on the website.

The beneficiaries also receive a psychological care, helping them make decisions to improve their quality of life: for example, receiving basic medical care, finding housing, nutritional needs, personal hygiene, reduce their consumption of drugs and become aware of the benefits of physical or verbal nonviolence.

Beneficiaries who show a commitment to self-care and responsibility at work receive a scholarship to buy food and medicine, pay rent or help their families.

The project, in partnership with Avina Stiftung, has been funded thanks to the contributions of Valais Solidaire, MINAO, YogaOm, Projet Nauyaca and a network of small taxpayers. It also has the collaboration of social service students of the Department of Sciences and Arts for Design from the Autonomous Metropolitan University, Xochimilco Unit.

The project is currently in the facilities of the Historical Synagogue of Justo Sierra Street no. 71, thanks to the solidarity of the Jewish community of Mexico City Historical Center. 

To get to know the product catalog and learn more about this project, see: www.nosotros-reciclamos.org