... an association of citizens of the world whose purpose is to contribute to mitigating climate change through the use and conservation of tropical forests and the preservation of the biodiversity that lives there.

We are an alliance between people who live in the jungle and outside it and who share the vision of protecting this ecosystem for the well-being of the whole planet: regulating the climate, capturing carbon, producing oxygen and humidity, providing bases for medicines and plant products and, of course, multiple forms of life and beauty.

We are an association born in Switzerland and Mexico that promotes practical solutions at the local level and ethical positions at a global level for the imminent and complex problem that the preservation of forests represents for the entire planet.

We take into account respect for all forms of life, while we promote the adoption of dignified and sustainable means for the well-being of individuals, families, and peoples living in the jungles of Latin America.

Proyecto Nauyaca, based in Switzerland, has been created in accordance with the Swiss Civil Code on Associations (Art. 60 to 79), and is an association that has the recognition of public utility. Your accounts are managed according to the law; Likewise, his bank account is open to the monitoring of all the members of the association.

The Nauyaca Project, defines its work plan according to the decisions made by the general assembly, has an executive committee composed of the president, secretary and treasurer that relies on the work of professionals in the matters it addresses, also invites people and leading organizations to form part of an advisory committee that contributes ideas, information and broadens the association's ties.


What is a Nauyaca?

"Nauyaca" is the name of a poisonous and extremely dangerous snake that inhabits the tropical forests of Mexico and Central America. Its nose has four points, hence its name in the Nahuatl language means "four noses": nahui "(four) and yacatl (nose). The Nauyaca Project, as a curious fact, was born from its founder's fear of poisonous snakes Better to confront our fears than to flee them For Buddhism, places where snakes are respected become sacred.