We invite you to offer your financial collaboration as a gesture of responsibility in the face of an environmental crisis of planetary dimensions. Seen in another way, we invite you to voluntarily compensate your carbon footprint. Project Nauyaca, with much humility, simply contributes with a grain of sand that adds to other initiatives equally valuable.

If you want to help Project Nauyaca, we invite you to contribute freely with what you consider fair (10, 20, 50, 100 CHF, EUR or USD) once a year, over the next 10 years - regenerating an ecosystem can take up to 20 years -

Our (ideal) annual budget is 150,000 CHF, but since 2013 we have operated with much smaller budget: we simply do what we can with what we have.

If you are interested, we encourage you to invite two or more people from your nearby circle to learn about Project Nauyaca.

Project Nauyaca has public utility recognition by the Cantonal Service of Contributions, Valais. If you live outside of Switzerland, you can also make a contribution and deduct it from your taxes as long as your country has a "double taxation" agreement with Switzerland; This is the case of Mexico, the countries of the European Union and the United States.

Here you can contribute through e-banking. Thank you so much in advance, all our commitment is put into doing the best possible with your support.

Projet Nauyaca 12-525529-8
Sion 1950
IBAN CH85 0900 0000 1252 5529 8

Project Nauyaca is committed to providing the Annual Activity Report per e-mail to all those who subscribed to our newsletter. There you will be able to review, with total transparency, the detailed fiscal operations. Furthermore, those who wish can request an annual copy of all the movements of our bank account: thus, there will be no doubt about how the contributions are being invested.

... to be a member

If you want to share a competence that can improve what we have been doing in Project Nauyaca, we invite you to be a member of the association. Of course, you can also share your competence without being a member, or you can be a member just for the pleasure of being part of us. Please contact us to become a member of the association and / or to receive our newsletter: dauz@projetnauyaca.org

... to replicate what we do

If your desire is to replicate a project like ours in your own context, whether in Mexico, Latin America, or Africa, Project Nauyaca is willing to share its “know how" with those who embrace similar values. We have learned lessons that can save you some mistakes.

... to travel with meaning

If you have a traveling spirit, we invite you to visit our projects in Mexico, to know directly the testimony of the beneficiaries and work with them as a volunteer, during the time you decide.

Nosotros Reciclamos is in the historic center of Mexico City, and the 15 local Selva Joven projects are in various parts of the country, all exceptionally beautiful. Every year we receive a sizable number of visitors who enjoy a trip through Mexico and at the same time get to know what we do through www.backpackdiscovery.com

You can also find us on Airbnb. Search for: Experiencia de vida Nosotros Reciclamos México and Experiencia de vida Selva Joven México.